CHALLENGE: Nature Identification Tag

We used this challenge to get ready to act… and to shake us up if we were getting too serious!

What you need


Step by Step

What you need: A group of people; a large outdoor space; neighbourhood plants and trees.

FIRST: Gather a group of your friends, family and/or neighbours and decide where you’re going to play the game.

NEXT: Set boundaries and explore your playing area. As a group, stop and name all plants and trees you can find.

NOW: Choose someone to be IT. You can win yourself a time out by stopping next to a plant or tree and saying the name of it 3 times.

When someone is tagged, they become IT and the game continues!

Level Up

  1. Players only get a time out by pretending to eat a plant or tree.
  2. Players only get a time out by sharing a fact about a plant or tree.
  3. Whoever is IT yells out the name of an animal and everyone has to act like that animal while IT tries to catch them!